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Caring For Wheels

Jan 30, 2013

Caring for wheels

The first rule in caring for any automotive wheels
regardless of finish is to keep them clean. From week to week when you wash
your vehicle, it’s best to clean them with a soft brush, soap and/or spray-on
wheel cleaner. For best results, it is important to keep wheels clean, not
allowing road contaminants and brake dust to accumulate and sit on the surface.
In harsher winter climates where salt and chemicals are used during the winter,
regular cleaning is even more important. Be careful in selecting wheel cleaning
products and select a product that is safe for the finish of your wheels,
avoiding harsh or abrasive cleaners. Some cleaners are harsh and could damage
your wheel finish. Also be aware that many car washes use strong chemicals to
clean wheels and tires that could cause damage to your wheel finish or even
your automotive paint. NEVER CLEAN HOT WHEELS, allow wheels to cool or cool
them with running water.

Protect your investment, clean your wheels regularly.

Chrome Wheels

Aluminum or steel wheels plated with chrome are beautiful
and can significantly change the appearance of your vehicle. If maintained
properly, the chrome finish will produce a brilliant shine. It’s best to clean
them with a soft brush, soap and/or non-abrasive spray-on wheel cleaner. Rinse
thoroughly and do not allow soap, chemicals or water to sit on the surface and
produce water spots.  Dry your wheels
with a soft, non-abrasive towel. For best results apply a coat of wax after the
wheels are clean and keep up on the maintenance. 

Polished Aluminum Wheels

Polished aluminum wheels do require more maintenance than
other finishes. These wheels require the highest degree of maintenance and a
certain amount of oxidation is to be expected as the wheels naturally oxidize
with age. Polished wheels can be re-polished restoring them to an almost
factory original condition.

When new, coat your polished wheels with a quality wax. This
coating will help resist brake dust and other contaminants. When your polished
aluminum wheels begin to lose their shine or are dirty clean them as instructed.
If you use a brush, use only a soft brush. After, polish them by hand with a
wheel polish. After polishing, coat them with wax again. If they are in poor
condition, this will take some time, and polishing wheels is never an easy

Polished wheels look awesome, but do require lots of maintenance.

Clear Coated Wheels

Clear coated wheels should require only soap or a quality wheel
cleaner product, water and a soft brush. Once you have cleaned your clear
coated wheels, a coat of wax will help with resistance to brake dust and

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