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Winter Tires

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Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Michelin Logo

Winter TireMICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3

The MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi3™ tire stops up to 10% shorter on ice* and lasts up to two times longer than leading competitors†.

  • Enhanced protection, even in some of the harshest winter conditions
  • Safer winter performance, winter after winter1
  • Protection for tomorrow and today

* Braking claim based on commissioned third-party ice braking test results versus Toyo® Observe GSI-5, Goodyear® Ultra Grip® Ice WRT, Bridgestone® Blizzak™ WS70™, Nokian® Hakkapeliitta R, tire size 205/55R16.
† Longevity claim based on commissioned third-party tread wear test results versus Bridgestone® Blizzak™ WS70™, Nokian® Hakkapeliitta R, tire size 205/55R16.


Michelin X-Ice Xi2

Michelin Logo

Winter TireMICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi2

For passenger cars and minivans, the new MICHELIN® X-Ice® Xi2TM tire is the best overall winter performing tire*, engineered to tackle most extreme cold weather driving conditions.

  • Unsurpassed breaking on ice*
  • 75% longer wearlife & outstanding traction winter after winter†
  • Winter control with confidence

*Within their category defined as premium priced Q/R/S/T-rated tires, based on internal test results.
† Compared against Bridgestone® Blizzak WS60, based on external test results. 



Winter KSI

BF Goodrich

Winter TireBFGoodrich Winter T/A KSI

  • Extreme winter traction - Tackles snow, ice and harsh winter conditions
  • Serious wet performance - Conquers damp, wet and slushy conditions
  • Undeniable control and durability - Precise steering and handling whatever the weather


I&S 3

Uniroyal Logo

Winter TireUniroyal Tiger Paw® Ice & Snow™ 3

Car & Minivan

Tiger Paw® Ice & Snow™³, the affordable winter tire, providing enhanced dependability in all winter conditions-ice², snow³, and wet⁴.

Benefits of this Tire:

  • Enhanced traction in snow² and on ice³
  • Improved grip in cold weather⁴
  • Durable and reliable in all winter conditions


Toyo WLT1

Toyo Tires Logo

Winter TireToyo Open Country WLT1

Toyo Open Country WLT1, has been engineered to deliver optimal performance for variety of commercial vehicle applications in demanding winter road conditions.

The load carrying requirements for commercial vehicles are different than the average vehicle. Toyo tire has addressed these needs by developing a tire that can carry the loads and aggressively get through our tough winter conditions.

With a new design and profile the Open Country WLT1 delivers improved ice and snow traction along with longer wear life.







Toyo Observe Garit KX

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Winter TireToyo Observe Garit KX

Improved Microbit Technology, with larger walnut shell particles, increases traction and braking on ice and compacted snow. And the Toyo Garit KX is designed to help maintain the handling characteristics of today's performance and luxury vehicles.

  • High Density wave sipes in center line.
  • Angled wave sipes in mid pattern blocks
  • Wedge effect shoulder WaveSipe
  • First Edge Technology
  • Microbit Compound
  • Sawtooth block edges
  • 5 Circumferential Grooves
  • Unidirectional Tread Pattern
  • Rim Protector
  • "H" Speed Rated






Toyo Observe GSi-5

Toyo Tires Logo

Winter TireToyo Observe GSi-5

The Toyo Observe GSi5 winter tire is available in a complete size range that covers a variety of vehicles and applications. No matter what your vehicle; passenger, light truck, van, SUV or CUV the Observe GSi5 is the right tire for drivers looking for a safe and secure winter drive.

For passenger tire sizes it is designed for a secure ride while for light truck or van applications it is designed to handle the load characteristics of that type of vehicle.

Whether it's snow, slush, ice or just simply slippery roads, the Observe GSi5 has the technology to handle all our winter conditions.


  • Unidirectional Tread Pattern
  • Microbit Technology In Compound
  • Absorbent Carbonic Powder
  • Spider Sipe Technology
  • Increased levels of silica and improved dispersion in compound
  • Large Tread Blocks with Saw Toothed Edges
  • Wide lateral grooves
  • Continuous Centre Rib with Swing Sipe
  • First edge sipe technology
  • Arrow lift technology






SnowToyo Observe GSi-6 HP

Studless Performance Winter Tire

The Toyo Observe GSi-6 HP is a designed for the toughest winter conditions featuring Microbit studless technology. The high performance rated sizes are ideal for passenger cars, sport coupes and some sport SUVs.
Significant performance improvements over its predecessor have been achieved using the latest technology. The result is a tire that performs better in snow and ice, with a significant improvement on cold wet roads.


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